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Nicole Perreault - Fédération des cégeps nicole.perreault at fedecegeps.qc.ca
Tue Aug 26 14:48:36 EDT 2008

(Please apologize my English and thanks for your understanding)
Hello dear IT REPS !
How do you do ?  Did you have a nice summer ? For my part, the sun was timid but I had the occasion to play tennis almost every day. 
As I wrote in the francophone mailing list yesterday, there are many new REPTICS ans IT REPS. On behalf of all the members of le Réseau REPTIC, I  welcome you. Both with le Réseau REPTIC and with the IT REPS Network, you will have the occasion to share ideas, learn, ask questions and receive answers ! You will see that the members are generous, enthousiast and leaded to their profession.
Mailing lists :
You are invited to use two mailing lists to send questions or information related to ICT integration :

*	The general mailing list (rep_tic at listes.reptic.qc.ca) : 

	*	Approximately 140 members : all the IT REPS and REPTIC are members of the list. The IT Partners (APOP, AQPC, ARC, CCDMD, CDC, Cégep à distance, DECclic, Performa Profweb, Vitrine Technologie Éducation) are also members of the list. If you send a question, you will receive answers : very useful and time saving.
	*	Functioning : when you ask a question to the list, people answer to you directly. When you consider that the answers you recieved are convenient to you, you send a compiling to the mailing list address. This compiling is inserted in the library of our Web site for later consultation : simple and useful. 

*	The English mailing list (it_rep at listes.reptic.qc.ca) :

	*	Approximately 35 members: this mailing list is specifically dedicated to IT REPS from anglophone colleges and from francophone colleges which receive anglophone students. IT Partners are also members of this list. As for the general mailing list, you can send questions or information.

Web site :
Las year, our Web site has been completely restructured but the work is not finished. Nevertheless, you can take cognizance of numerous documents in the Library and in the 2007-2008 Projects (will be changed for 2008-2009 Projects soon...).
Next meetings :

1.	Meeting of the IT Reps Network : don't forget our next meeting that will be held at Dawson College, Wednesday September 17th at 9:00. A lunch will be served.
2.	Meeting of le Réseau REPTIC : don't forget also the meeting of le Réseau REPTIC which will bring together approximatively 70 people. The meeting will take at le Collège Mérici in Quebec City, on October 2th and 3th.

For your information, here are the names and email address of the IT Reps. All this information will be in the Web site's directory soon :
Champlain - Lennoxville :  Ivan Simoneau  isimoneau at crc-lennox.qc.ca        

Champlain - Saint-Lambert : James Sparks jsparks at champlaincollege.qc.ca             

Champlain - Saint-Lawrence : Normand Bourgeois nbourg at slc.qc.ca                                   

Dawson : Rafael Scapin rscapin at dawsoncollege.qc.ca    

Gaspésie et des Iles : Marie-Hélène Bergeron mhbergeron at cgaspesie.qc.ca <mailto:mhbergeron at cgaspesie.qc.ca>             

Heritage : Lee Anne Johnston ljohnston at cegep-heritage.qc.ca        

John Abbott : Brenda Lamb b.lamb at johnabbott.qc.ca         

Sept-Iles : Normand Bérubé normand.berube at cegep-sept-iles.qc.ca           

Vanier : Marleigh Greany greaneym at vaniercollege.qc.ca   

Marianopolis : Ane Jorgensen a.jorgensen at marianopolis.edu (probably on maternity leave)                                 

I hope having the pleasure to hear from you by email or via the email lists. It will be also a pleasure to talk with you at our next meetings.

Nicole Perreault
Conseillère en technologies éducatives
Réseau des répondantes et répondants TIC
Fédération des cégeps

Téléphone : (514) 381-8631, poste 2387
Courriel : nicole.perreault at fedecegeps.qc.ca <mailto:nicole.perreault at fedecegeps.qc.ca>  
Site Web : www.reptic.qc.ca <http://www.reptic.qc.ca/> 
Pseudo Skype : nicoquette
Del.icio.us : http://del.icio.us/reptic <http://del.icio.us/reptic>   

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