[IT_REP] Course on the Web 2.0

Cantin, Raymond RCantin at cmontmorency.qc.ca
Tue Dec 15 10:27:12 EST 2009

Hello all,


I just wanted to inform you that I'll be offering, for the second year, a three credit online multimedia course for Performa (Master's level) called « Le Web 2.0 et son potentiel pédagogique ». The course is offered in Moodle and we also meet each two weeks with Via, the virtual classroom. I think this course can help someone doing the IT Rep job to make a better sense of the Web 2.0, social learning and the new pedagogical applications. 


Twelve college teachers took it last year. The two main authors we study are John Seely-Brown <http://www.johnseelybrown.com/mindsonfire.pdf>  and Michael Wesh <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09gR6VPVrpw&feature=channel> . 


You have to contact your Performa rep to register. Here is some feedback from last year's course :


"Our virtual classroom sessions for the Web 2.0 course were incredibly well attended, especially considering they were optional. The weekly exchange provided a space for questions and exchanges regarding the material and ideas presented. It also fostered a sense of our being part of a learning community. It felt good to be part of a community of practice that shared resources and links to interesting things to be found on the net. 


On an academic level the Via sessions allowed us to hear the course content from the teacher's standpoint, enriched by specific explanations, examples and anecdotes, while also providing an opportunity for questions, feedback and clarification. The on-line sessions were a vital part of the course experience". (Sharon Coyle, cégep de Sept-îles)


« Bonne maîtrise de tout l'aspect technologique qui soutient l'apprentissage du Web 2.0 et bonne mise en évidence du potentiel pédagogique du Web 2.0. Ce cours m'a permis d'élargir ma vision du rôle des TIC en enseignement et de mettre des mots et des outils en appui à mes pratiques actuelles d'enseignement ».


Hope to have you on board!


Merry Christmas!


Raymond Cantin

Conseiller pédagogique TIC à mi-temps

Service du développement pédagogique et de la gestion des programmes

Tél.: 450 775-6100 poste 6470

rcantin at cmontmorency.qc.ca



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