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Greetings everyone,

As I mentioned in an email sent last Tuesday<http://listes.reptic.qc.ca/pipermail/rep_tic/2011-November/001496.html> (in French), one of the objectives of the TIC et réussite team is to propose a simple method and tools with which to evaluate the impact of an ICT educational activity on academic achievement (grades, motivation - perseverance, high-level cognitive skills - see Barrette's Grid<http://reptic.qc.ca/dossiers/tic-reussite/grille-analyse-scenario-activite-pedagogique-tic.html> in English).

This project has generated a lot of interest, notably on the part of Christian Barrette (who has expressed great enthusiasm), the TIC et réussite team, college directors and myself. The Carrefour de la réussite is also participating. Work is progressing well and the team will meet between now and the Christmas holidays to discuss the first draft of the evaluation method.

In consulting the page where you have indicated your ICT mandates for the year<http://reptic.qc.ca/dossiers/identite-professionnelle-des-reptic/mandats-activites-reptic.html>, I saw plenty of examples of educational activities in which this project would prove useful:

·         Evaluate the implementation of the digital portfolio

·         Experiment with iPad applications in class

·         Experiment with a wiki in History

·         Introduce online exercisers in order to improve written French

·         Test Interactive Whiteboards and digital screens in classrooms

·         Install new interactive projectors (pedagogical training and use)

·         Personal Response Systems or "Clickers": selection, appropriation and learning support

·          Implement a portable DEC in Civil Engineering

·         New "smart classrooms": experimenting with applications in the 21st century classroom

·         Implement the ICT Profile for College Students

·         Support for teachers in educational projects involving ICT use

·         Etc.

In order to supplement the work being done by the team, I am issuing the following call to all members and would greatly appreciate a response by December 16:

Among the ICT educational activities taking place at your college, please choose a maximum of 5 and provide the following information for each (there are no right or wrong answers!):

·         Name of the activity:

·         Brief description (maximum 3-5 lines):

·         Do you participate in this activity, closely or remotely?

o   If yes, what is your role/contribution?

·         Has the impact (efficacy) of the activity on academic achievement (grades, motivation, high level cognitive skills) been anticipated?

o    If yes, please indicate how you expect to evaluate this impact:

o    If not, would it be useful to have a simple method and tools with which to evaluate the impact of the educational activity on student achievement?

Your answers will be very useful to the team in the short term, and equally valuable to the REPTIC and college networks in the long term. Your answers will also help support the educational nature of ICT activities as well as the professional recognition of IT representatives.

Many thanks to you all!

Nicole Perreault

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