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Hello everyone,

At our IT REP meeting this past Monday, the idea of establishing an Anglophone Moodle Community of Practice for Cegep Teachers was raised.

This community would provide Cegep teachers with an online support mechanism which would be built on strong instructional design techniques and place emphasis on the pedagogical use of the tools available.  Of course, underneath this layer would be the "How To" sections where technical details would be provided on working with the Moodle interface.

This Community of Practice would include the creation of a weekly digital newsletter, creation of a website, organization/animation of  2 Moodle Days per semester and building a library of digital resources to assist faculty.

Question:  Would you find this type of Moodle Community of Practice useful for your faculty?

Yes                  No                   Maybe

Please send your reply by email to b.lamb at johnabbott.qc.ca<mailto:b.lamb at johnabbott.qc.ca> by this Friday, December 16.

Thanking you in advance for a quick reply and on behalf of Lee Anne, Rafael and myself,   Best Wishes for 2012!

Brenda Lamb
Pedagogical Counsellor/Conseillère pédagogique
Communications & Information Technology Services
Services de communications et technologies de l'information
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