[ITREP] Invitation - IT Partners & Anglophone Moodle Community of Practice for Cegep Teachers

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Mon Dec 19 13:48:17 EST 2011

Hello IT Reps and IT Partners,

Further to our IT Rep meeting this month, a Doodle survey<http://www.doodle.com/h4vfk9vmeysnvhxh> has been created for you with proposed meeting times where IT Reps could meet online to hear from interested IT Partners on how a Moodle Community of Practice for Teachers might fit into the services they offer in 2012-2013 under CQE funding.  Please indicate your preferred dates by January 16 at the latest.

As of today, the following IT Representatives have replied to the Dec 14 email and in addition to John Abbott College, Heritage College and Dawson College, 4 have indicated that a Moodle Community of Practice would be helpful to their faculty:

-        Jennifer Mitchel                               Vanier College
<< I think the moodle community would be great. Especially if we have a space where teachers can share the things they have tried. I think it would be very useful for my faculty and possibly other members of the college. It would also be great for me since it means I won't have to build all of these resources myself!  Let me know if there is going to be a meeting to discuss this idea.>>

-        Ryan Moon                                       Cegep at Distance

<<Yes. This would be a useful forum for Education Technologists from Cégep at distance to exchange with profs from the English college community on best practices.  With one of our Education Advisors working on the Humanities Block B course in a pilot project with Moodle, and the recent announcement that the management team has an orientation towards moving to Moodle, the timing is very good for your project.  Thanks for the efforts of you and your peers.>>

-        Mark Stephen                                   Marianopolis College
<<Yes please to a Moodle COP Brenda!  We aren't using it yet, but I see a good chance that we will move in that direction in the future.>>

-        James Sparks                                    Champlain College - St. Lambert Campus
<<We have a small group of Moodle users who might benefit from this idea. It might also serve to expand the user base somewhat. Personally, my focus has shifted from technological to pedagogical development, notably Active Learning. Perhaps a connection could be made there. I will also be starting a new project here next semester. I am planning to call it New Teacher Quick Start. Perhaps Moodle could be a part of that. Let me know how things develop.>>

-        Judith Beaudoin                               Champlain College - Lennoxville Campus
<<Unfortunately as Moodle is not even an option here, I have to decline your offer...>>

On behalf of Lee Ann Johnston, Rafael Scapin and myself, we look forward to meeting with you in January.

Brenda Lamb
Pedagogical Counsellor/Conseillère pédagogique
Communications & Information Technology Services
Services de communications et technologies de l'information
514.457.6610 x 5202  Stewart Hall SH-029

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