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Perreault, Nicole Nicole.Perreault at fedecegeps.qc.ca
Fri Apr 27 11:24:50 EDT 2012

Hello dear IT REPS,

Free software and ICT Profile for College Students
The REPTIC team Logiciel libre (free software) developed a Web site devoted to free software linked with the ICT Profile for College Students' skills.

Link: http://www.cmontmorency.qc.ca/tic/rptc/

Would you appreciate having a translation of this Web site? Please answer me as soon as you can.

iPad applications soft ware and ICT for College Students
Next year, we envisage doing the same thing with iPad's applications, i.e. creating links between iPad's applications software and the ICT Profile for Student's skills. If you are interested by this project, please let me know.

Other translation
Next week, you will receive the translation of a document that I consider very important: it is a document that we sent to the MELS. The document explains the ICT Profile for College Students in few words. It presents a schema that situates the Profile in the Education network (secondary, collegial, university), complementary resources, etc. You can consult the French version by clicking here<http://reptic.qc.ca/dossiers/profil-tic-eleves/profil-tic-contexte-travaux-retombees-avril-2012.html>.

Next meeting
I hope having the occasion to meet you soon. I am waiting for the date that will be choosed  in the Doodle survey sent by Norm Spatz this week<http://listes.reptic.qc.ca/pipermail/it_rep/2012-April/000146.html>.


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