[ITREP] Plagiarism and cheating –theft of exams in an electronic format: compilation of the results of my appeal to all

Perreault, Nicole Nicole.Perreault at fedecegeps.qc.ca
Thu Nov 7 08:32:58 EST 2013

Hello all,
Attached to this message is the compilation of the results of my appeal to all sent on October 16, in which I mentioned that I wanted to update the information I have on electronic plagiarism and cheating using ICT. I wanted to gather information on theft of exams or other resources in an electronic format, for which college teachers would have been a victim.

Thirty (30) IT REPs answered the short online questionnaire. Thank you!

The results are presented in a frequency chart, which makes them completely anonymous (no information is given on any colleges). You will also find comments and suggestions on electronic plagiarism and cheating using ICT.

Enjoy the consultation!

Nicole Perreault
Réseau des répondantes et répondants TIC

500, boulevard Crémazie Est, Montréal (Québec) H2P 1E7
Tél. : 514 381-8631 poste 2387 Téléc. : 514 381-2263
Courriel : nicole.perreault at fedecegeps.qc.ca<mailto:nicole.perreault at fedecegeps.qc.ca>
Pseudo Skype : nicoquette

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