[ITREP] Census of Active Learning Classroom Projects

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Here is a translation of an email sent by Chantal Desrosiers (Trois-Rivières) to the Liste REPTIC
Nicole Perreault
Hello everyone,

A few weeks ago I sent an appeal to all members on the Liste REPTIC in order to conduct a census of active learning classroom projects.

If such projects exist in your college, would you please send me<mailto:chantal.desrosiers at cegeptr.qc.ca> the following information, which I will happily add to a Google Map that can be found on the blog of the CLAAC )http://claac.org/cartographie-des-claac/) :

·         Number of current projects

·         For each project, discipline or program involved

·         If you have pictures of your projects, please send them in and they will be added to the Google Map

For your information, Dawson College<http://claac.org/a-propos/> is participating in the CLAAC Project !

This census will allow us to see how active learning classroom projects are emerging in the Quebec College Network.

I will inform you when I add the projects coming from Anglo colleges.

Thank you for your collaboration,

Chantal Desrosiers, chantal.desrosiers at cegeptr.qc.ca<mailto:chantal.desrosiers at cegeptr.qc.ca>
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