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Dear IT REPs,

A CBC survey of Canadian universities shows more than 7,000 students were disciplined for academic cheating in 2011-12, a finding expert say falls well short of the number of students who actually cheat. CBC contacted 54 universities across Canada and asked them to provide the number of academic misconduct cases that went through a formal discipline process in the year 2011-12. They also asked for the type of the offence and the specific discipline that was imposed. Forty-one institutions supplied data (see articles below...).

Don't even think that there is no cheater in your college! Beyond the traditional awareness as well as authentic assessment, technological solutions exist. Although they are not bullet proof, they can help to catch cheaters.

Do you know that VTÉ group buying concluded agreements with two of them: Compilation and Urkund?
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In the meantime, check this out:

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