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Véronica Gill vgill at ccdmd.qc.ca
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Hello all!

The CCDMD has two new educational resources to offer: the Infants and Toddlers: Video Observation Bank and FutursProfs: Apprendre à enseigner autrement websites.

Thanks, once again, to circulate this information in your institutions.


Infants and Toddlers: Video Observation Bank offers a bank of 200 video sequences on young children in daycare situations in Québec. It serves as an observation lab for students and teachers in the Early Childhood Education Techniques program, allowing them to monitor the daily lives of children in daycare institutions or family care centres.

A series of exercises also allows the teachers and students to explore various aspects of the task of observing children. The website was created by Mary Jonhson, from Vanier College, who drew on the original concept of the websites Les poupons au service de garde, Les enfants au service de garde and Les enfants au service de garde en milieu scolaire, developed by Josée Beaumont from the Cégep de Jonquière.

FutursProfs: Apprendre à enseigner autrement website was designed by Bernard Bérubé, Bruno Poellhuber and Normand Roy. Its goal is to develop the technopedagogical skills of educators and make it easier for them to integrate ITCs in their teaching.

It includes 49 videos (including introductions, step-by-step descriptions and testimonials), 69 associated documents (teaching scenarios, processes, 7 essential points on a given topic), and 9 collections that provide a series of resources on specific topics. Several filters are also offered to make it easier to search (programs, key words, etc.). This website is a co-production of the CCDMD and the Université de Montréal.

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