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Hello everyone,

                IT REPS,

I renew an invitation I launched almost every year : I invite you to provide information on the activities that you have planned for the coming year as part of your professional mandate, and that are linked to the integration of ICTs in your CEGEP: on top of being very useful information, it is super interesting!

The information you leave on this page is a great opportunity to share with your colleagues the projects and ICT experiments in your CEGEP, or the activities that you are thinking of organizing (training, support, etc.), or committees in which you participate, and much more. But it is mostly the opportunity to create links with other REPTIC/IT REPs who work in projects similar to yours.

You will find the information on a web page similar to this one (mandates and tasks for 2017-2018<http://www.reptic.qc.ca/en/the-network/it-rep-mandates/>):  that we will use during an activity at the REPTIC/IT REPs meeting o October 17, 18, 19<https://www.reptic.qc.ca/en/meeting-october-2018/>).

We would like to receive any information from you before Friday october 5; who knows, maybe this will be the perfect occasion to create special connections at the next REPTIC/IT REPs meeting...


You can write in English (the page will be offered both in French  and in English

Best regards,

Nicole Perreault

Blind date organizer for professionals!

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